Our Philosophy

Organizational restructuring is a must in today's high demand deliverables. Following traditional project roles just aren't cutting it anymore. Client's and Stakeholders want their products not just fast, but faster than your team can even deliver with quality and changes interstitially when the project is being made. Thus, it is a must to restructure and train your team and provide coaching and guidance on all levels of your organization. Thus, GravityIT was formed in order to provide your teams and help your organizations restructure to an Agile Framework that works.

Our Story

I was over six months into a project and my boss was asking me where the project was. I was assured by my team that it would be fully ready within the next three weeks. I prepared all of the marketing collateral from eBlasts, Press Releases. I confidently let my boss know, "we are launching by the end of this month and I have all the marketing ready to go".

Two weeks later, It was one week till launch and I asked my team to give me a demo of the product just to make sure it was what was expected. They should have been in testing for final bugs by now.

When I saw the product, my heart sank and I felt like the world was crashing in on me. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to. Prior to the project's start, I made a document that could rival the dictionary. Everything was missed or glanced over or wasn't even understood. They didn't ask questions, so I figured they understood. Even when I said "Do you understand", their reply was "yes, we have the document".

Needless to say, we didn't launch in a week. My boss came in with 15 more ideas on how to make the software better, when we didnt' even have the core fixed. In the meantime, the competition was eating our lunch and dinner.

Being in Marketing, Software Development / Product development, this always seemed to happen. Scope would change, all the time, development teams would fail deliveries, and software wouldn't work as intended.

After that failed launch, I knew there must be a better way to do things.  There had to be a way for us to deliver quality products, still, smoke the competition and keep all the stakeholders happy.

It was then I found the Agile Development Frameworks. I spend a lot of time learning and improving and understanding the core concepts of how to really work with my teams and restructure.

I went on to do this for several large scale organizations and thus, created GravityIT. More than just consulting, but training, coaching and consulting that would allow your organization to never hit these downfalls that I hit in my earlier years.

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